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Nicolas Grevet

Senior Software Development Engineer

Specializing in Internet technologies

  • Identity: Nicolas Grevet
  • Mailing address: Montreal — Quebec — Canada
  • Situation: 35 years old man — non-smoking — driver's licence

Current position

Currently Senior Back-End Developer @ Lightspeed POS.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Personal profile

An employer would quickly find me to be a passionate and competent individual. I enjoy working to a high standard and strive to improve myself by pushing my expectations and skills towards a professional outcome. I have a keen interest in everything IT, but more specifically towards programming, software architecture, Internet and multimedia since this is where I'm generally the most skilled.

Career objective

21 years passed since I first used a computer to create something. Since then, my own vision of this activity has changed a lot, from being a simple pastime to a full-time paid job. My own position also changed from being yet another developer to a senior developer and junior software architect.

Thanks to the awarding of two academic masters (bachelor equivalents), three years of apprenticeship and 13 years of professional experience (including one in North America) I've accumulated a great amount of interesting knowledge, both in project management and software development/architecture.

I am generally looking for a great opportunity to put my skills up front for a motivating employer and face new challenges, whatever they might be. Because before being just my job, deep down this is what I truly like to do and I am prepared to move anywhere to find the perfect place to work.

Training & qualifications

Degrees and schools list

  • 2008 → 2009
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BScIT)
  • Major: Intelligent, communicating and distributed systems
  • Cergy-Pontoise University — Cergy, France
  • 2006 → 2009
  • Bachelor of Business Information Systems (BBIS)
  • Major: Management + Software engineering and applications
  • ITIN/ESCIA Group — Cergy, France
  • 2004 → 2006
  • Associate of Software Development (ASD)
  • Major: Networking and UNIX systems
  • University of Picardie Jules Verne — Amiens, France
  • 2001 → 2004
  • Baccalaureat in Sciences (ACT/SAT equivalent)
  • Major: Physics/chemistry
  • Charles de Gaulle High School — Compiègne, France

Academic skills

  • Fluent in English and French, daily usage (reading, writing and speaking).
  • TOEIC score of 985/990 (General Professional Proficiency).
  • Basics of Spanish (reading).
  • Basics of electronics and computer architecture.
  • Basics of rights and laws around the ICT.


Personal and professional experiences

  • Nov. 2015 → Today
  • Back-End Developer — Lightspeed POS, Montreal, Canada
  • Evolution and maintenance of the POS platform (SaaS/Cloud). Evolution & maintenance of the company’s internal and external API. Development of a product-agnostic payment management service. Expanding the company’s reach internationally (NoAm/Europe). Involvement in developer meetings, conferences and hackathons.
  • May 2014 → June 2015
  • Core API Developer — Dailymotion, Sophia Antipolis, France
  • Evolution and maintenance of the APIs and backend following both internal and partners needs. Performance and scaling improvement of the API with ~10 billion calls/month @ ~100 ms/call. Involvement in developer meetings and conferences (hackathons, forums, etc.). Development and improvement of the API SDKs. Level 3 support.
  • Jan. 2012 → May 2014
  • Consulting engineer — Orange, Sophia Antipolis, France
  • Providing framework experience to Orange Portals France employees regarding the restructuring of some of their products. Development and improvement of internal tools and participation in the maintenance and development of multimedia products (video by dailymotion, music by deezer, video on demand).
  • Nov. 2010 → Oct. 2011
  • Junior software architect — MindGeek, Montreal, Canada
  • Reorganisation of the internal tools and processes, creating an enterprise framework, a major international billing platform and miscellaneous tools and websites while being part of an international english-speaking, dynamic and experienced team. I worked on adult entertainment websites with very high traffic (,, etc.).
  • Aug. 2008 → Sept. 2010
  • Game developer — Independent
  • Production of a complete DLC (add-on) for a triple-A US video game, with an entire new story. Trailer watched over 250,000 times and content downloaded over 2.5 million times since release. Praised by video-game fans, industry and press alike. Position of team lead, project lead, level-designer, webmaster and PR manager.
  • Play! | |

I Hate Mountains campaign for Left 4 Dead

I Hate Mountains: Forest level
I Hate Mountains: Manor level
I Hate Mountains: Underground level
I Hate Mountains: Lumberyard level
I Hate Mountains: Lakeside level

I Hate Mountains, the official launch video trailer.

  • June 2008 → Nov. 2010
  • Junior software architect — Alteo, Paris, France
  • Planning and then development of the foundations for the new company's extranet ‒an ultra-modular project planned for the long-run‒ and supervision of the following development. Also worked on a new enterprise level MVC framework à la Zend Framework or Symfony dedicated to all future in-house developments of the company.
  • Dec. 2007 → Dec. 2008
  • Game developer — Independent
  • Production of a complete free video game, translated into eleven languages and lasting approximately eight hours. The game was played, discussed, distributed and downloaded over 1.5 million times worldwide. Awarded third best free game of 2008 by the eminent American website and the German MTV channel.
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Portal: Prelude, the official launch video trailer.

  • Sept. 2006 → June 2008
  • Web developer — Alteo, Paris, France
  • Work on a professional e-mailing and reporting/analysis platform. Created a project management and CRM software and automated the creation of sales quotes. Creation of an application to manage the company's UNIX server farm (real time monitoring). Also helped with maintenance and installation of the company's 60 servers UNIX servers.
  • Oct. 2007 → May 2008
  • Software developer — ID Services, Paris, France
  • Realization of a geolocation system prototype using nothing but Wi-Fi wave analysis to try and locate itself. The objective was to make it lightweight in order to embed it inside some forklift terminals wandering in supermarket warehouses. Pioneering project in France which led to the launch of a technical audit and an ambitious follow-up project.
  • Company info
  • April 2006 → July 2006
  • Web developer — 6eme Sens, Compiegne, France
  • Developed a dynamic and evolving e-commerce website for a french tour operator. Also responsible for quality assurance, project progress and tasks coordination. Also integration of various voice synthesis and text-to-speech (TTS) components. Interfacing these components with an artificial intelligence engine and a 3D avatar within a website.

3D avatar, voice synthesis and AI interface

3D avatar interface

  • June 2005 → Aug. 2005
  • Developer & clerk — APB SARL, Compiegne, France
  • Development of an online shopping website for an automobile dealership with online selling and expedition plus stock management directly inside of the administration panel. Also clerk, auto-part reseller and webmaster of the aforementioned website. Development of a rough HTTP server in C to house parts of the project.

IT skills

My IT skills are mostly comprised of programming languages and Internet-related technologies. However, I am a quick learner and hard worker, these are only the skills I master the most for the moment.

****PHP 5.x/7.x ****MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
****Applications Web ****Javascript, Ajax, JSON
****XHTML, HTML5 ***Zend, Symfony, Fuel
***Node.js ***Shellscript, Bash
***Regexp, PCRE **SOAP, REST, WSDL
**SEO **SaaS, Cloud
**Java, J2SE, J2EE **TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, etc.
**Cryptography, OpenSSL, SSH *C, C++, C#

Favorite everyday tools

It's been a long time since I first launched an IDE or configured a server. These are the tools I am using on a daily basis at work and during my personal projects.

****Apache, NGINX ****GNU/Linux
****Microsoft Windows ****Memcached, Redis
****CVS, Subversion, Bazaar ****NetBeans, Eclipse
***Git, ***Composer
***Jira, Trac, Mantis ***MySQL Workbench, PMA
***Office, LibreOffice ***jQuery, Dojo, Mootools
***PHPUnit, JUnit ***Adobe Lightroom
**Varnish, ESI, Caching **ElasticSearch, Solr
**Munin, Cacti **Lucene, Sphinx
**ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ **MongoDB, Cassandra
*VMWare, Xen, VirtualBox *Android 4+

Project management & methods

Whether you are managing projects or developing software, one of the most important aspect of the job is to follow the rules, conventions and standards. Here are some of the concepts I carried out during the last years.

****Object oriented programming ***Event-driven programming
***Design patterns ***MVC, Client/server
***Unit testing ***Continuous integration
***Agile methodology ***PHP-FIG, PSR
**Scrum **Scalability
**High-trafic **High-availability
**Software architecture *UML


  • **** Complete mastering
  • *** Very good knowledge
  • ** Good knowledge
  • * Only the basics


Personal achievements & secondary projects

  • Cloud Computing Paper
  • A study focused on the state-of-the-art review of the Cloud Computing domain. Explanation of the philosophy, techniques and actors, description of the strengths and weaknesses, market analysis and present and future opportunities.
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Cloud Computing Paper (128 pages)

Cloud Computing Paper

  • Community website allowing people to play the famous Uno® game by Mattel online against artificial intelligences. Ladderboard and full-javascript interface. Up to 25,000 monthly players at its peak. Reopened in 2014 after it had to be closed down due to the financial requirements to maintain the infrastructure.
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Main interface (game board)

  • Web analytics tool
  • Realization of a complete web analytics and statistics system allowing multi-site analysis similar to what Google Analytics is now doing. Allowed for all sorts of information about your visitors synthesized as nice and easy to understand graphs. Now offline.

Internet browsers statistics for a particular website

Web analytics tool

  • Internet Protocol Paper
  • A study focused on the state-of-the-art review of the IPv4 and IPv6 domains. Explanation of the protocols, evolutions and actors, description of the strengths and weaknesses of each, market analysis and present and future opportunities.
  • Online operating system mockup
  • Realization of an online operating system mockup. Programmed in Javascript/Ajax at a time when there was no powerful javascript frameworks available yet.

Desktop, start menu, taskbar and file explorer emulation

Online operating system prototype

Leisure & hobbies

Things I like to do as a pastime...

  • Photography
  • Capturing the wonders of the world around the planet, more than just an experience, a true passion. Landscape photography blends perfectly with my passion for traveling and allows me to put pictures on cultures, people and memories.
  • Take a look! |

Rome in pictures


  • 3D modeling
  • Multiple realizations of virtual 3D universes as additional and free contents for existing video games. Several months to year long projects. Internationally recognized and acclaimed work. Partnerships with many french actors of the field.
  • Take a look! |

Canadian landscape in Valve Hammer Editor 4

3D modeling

  • Writing courses
  • Writing of multiple courses and online tools to understand and master the optimization techniques of the Source 3D rendering engine from Valve Software. Labor widely recognized throughout online Francophone communities.
  • Take a look! |

The most read french optimization tutorial on the web

Writing courses

  • Website creation
  • Realization of websites such as my university student's association's one, a website directory, an IT project management system, a video game community website, a web MMORPG prototype, a quiz community website, and many more...
  • | | |

Free website directory

Website directory

University student's association website

University student's association website

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas website

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas website

Web MMORPG Prototype

Web MMORPG Prototype

  • Translation
  • Official translator of several international English projects (into french). Includes a webcomic (about 200 pages), a guide to the Half-Life video game saga universe, an entire video game, several programming tools and courses, etc.
  • Read the comic! | Read the guide! |

Concerned, a webcomic telling the adventures of an anti-hero

Concerned, a webcomic

  • Sport
  • Practice of judo and table tennis in competition for three years each (now stopped). Also a great amateur of mountain bike and regular physical exercises.
  • Miscellaneous & leisure
  • Travel, autonomous road-trips, mountain biking, reading, watching movies, programming, going out with friends, tutoring, photography, 3D modeling, level & game design, etc.

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